Quality Inspection for Types Of Fiber Patch Cord – Ftth Optical Splitter Module – 10G-Link Fiber

Supply 1×8 FBT 1310 1550 Optic Coupler Plc Splitter High Quality

Compact design, suitable for installation in outdoor fiber distribution box 

The ABS PLC splitter supports the protection for inner componnents, it is suitable for reliable installation in your system design and manufacturing. Many of our OEM customers in the FTTH, FTTX, PON, GOPN prefer to use the ABS PLC splitter together with outdoor fiber distribution box. 

FBT spliitter utilizes precision technology to combine or distribute light from single/multiple inputs to single/multiple outputs bi-directionally. They are designed for power splitting and tapping in telecommunication equipment, CATV network, and test equipment.

10G-Link can provide customized FBT splitters in a variety of styles, sizes, port configurations, split values, and wavelength specifications, allowing a high degree of flexibility in tailoring the product to suit your precise requirements and application.

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Low insertion loss
Various coupling ratio
High return loss and excellent uniformity.
Low Polarization dependent loss
Environmental stable
Operation wavelength: 1260nm to 1650nm
Operating Temperature:-40℃ to 85℃
FBT 指标 
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FTTx systems
Optical LAN, Metro, WAN networks
Passive optical networks
CATV networks
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1. Specification without fiber optic connectors;                                          

2. Each connector will add loss 0.2dB.

Outside dimension

PLC device 

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PLC Micro Module 插图


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PLC – Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Advantages

Suitable for multiple operating wavelengths (1260nm – 1650nm); unstinted.
Equal splitter ratios for all branches.
Compact configuration; smaller size; small occupation space.
Good stability across all ratios.
High quality; low failure rate.

FBT – Fused Biconical Splitter Advantages 

The product is well-known and is easy to produce, thus reducing cost of production.
Splitter ratios can be customized.
Can work on three different operating bands (850nm, 131 Onm, and 1550nm).

Company and Products advantages: 

  1. 1.The material of Ceramic Ferrule: Zirconium quality stable and easy for polishing
    2.Good supply capacity(20K-30K pieces connectors each day)
    3.Fast delivery time(1-3days)
    4.Complied to ISO9001 quality system
    5.100% testing before shipment
    6.3D passed testing with report for option
    7.All kinds of connector for option(SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,MPO/MTP,ODC,ODLC,SMA9,E2000 and so on)

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Standard Package 

ABS box splitter package

Payment and Shipping Terms

Estimated Lead Times: 1-2 business days (or possibly more depending on quantity).

Payment terms: MoneyGram ,Western Union,L/C,TT

Shipping terms:By air, by sea,by express( DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS,EMS)

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