One of Hottest for Fiber Optic Cables Manufactures – Indoor-Outdoor Structured Fiber Optic Cable – 10G-Link Fiber

Indoor-Outdoor Structured Fiber Optic Cable


l Small cable diameter(adapt for bad climate), light weight, 100m span, low attached load on tower.

l Non-metal structure, good insulation, anti-thunder.

l Fine production technology, even force for aramid yarn, with superior stress flexibility.


l Erect on the same pole with power line in new and old power line.

l Areas of strong electric field,

l anti-thunder, etc.

l Long span communication system.

International standards:

l IEC 60794-1;

l ITU-T G.652D

Technical Parameters:

Construction of optical fiber cable.



Number of fiber 6 12 48
Number of loose tube 1 1 4
Number of fibers per tube 6 12 12
Number of fillers 5 5 2
Color of Jacket Black Black Black
PE out sheath thickness 1.8±0.2mm 1.8±0.2mm 1.8±0.2mm
Loose tube diameter 2.2±0.1mm 2.2±0.1mm 2.2±0.1mm


FRP strength member diameter 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm
RTS(KN) 8 8 8
MAT(KN) 3 3 3
EDS(KN) 1.2 1.2 1.2
Cable diameter 10.7±0.2mm 10.7±0.2mm 10.7±0.2mm
Approx. weight cable Kg/Km 90 90 90


Climate Characteristics:

Climate type Wind speed(m/s) Ice(mm) Extra load(N/m)
A 25 0 0.7
B 35 0 0.7
C 10 5 2.5
D 10 10 4.4


Cable diameter(mm) Cable weight(kg/km) RTS(KN) EDS(KN) Temperature range(℃) Suitable span(m)
10.7±0.2 90 8 1.2 -40~+70 120 80 120 80


Mechanical and environmental data:

Temperature range Storage/Shipping temperature rangeOperating temperature range -40℃ ~ +70℃
Min. Bending Radius(mm) Dynamic mm 20D
Static mm 10D
Max. Crushing Resistance (N/100mm²) Short-term N/100mm² 4000
Long-term N/100mm² 1000


G652D Technical data-transmission:




Attenuation dB/km ≤0.34 at 1310nm≤0.34 at 1383nm≤0.20 at 1550nm

≤0.24 at 1625nmAttenuation vs. wavelengthMax. α differencedB/km≤0.03  1285~1330nm≤0.02  1525~1575nmDispersion coefficientPs/(≥-3.0 ≤3.0  1285~1340nm≤18   1550nm≤22   1625nmZero dispersion Wavelengthnm1312±10Zero dispersion slopeZero dispersion slope typical valuePs/(nm2. Km)≤0.0920.086PMDMaximum individual fiber Link design value (M=20,Q=0.01%)

Typical valuePs/√km≤0.2≤0.1

0.04Cut-off wavelength λcc,22m of a cabled fibernm≤1260Mode field diameterμm9.2±0.4  1310nm10.4±0.5  1550nmPoint discontinuitiesdB≤0.05  1310nm≤0.05  1550nmCladding diameterμm125±0.7Cladding non-circularity%≤0.7Coating cladding concentricity errorμm≤12Core cladding concentricity errorμm≤0.5Coating diameterμm245±5Curl (radius)m≥4Delivery lengthKm/reel2.1~50.4Temperature dependenceInduced attenuation atdB/km≤0.05  -60℃  ~ +85℃Temperature dependenceInduced attenuation atdB/km≤0.05  -10℃  ~ +85℃,98%RHWater soak dependenceInduced attenuation atdB/km≤0.05  23℃, for 30 daysDamp heat dependenceInduced attenuation atdB/km≤0.05 +85℃ and 85% RH, for 30 days