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Singlemode (9/125) Simplex Fiber Patch Cable with  FC/FC Connectors LSZH jacket yellow color

Product Introduction of the Singlemode (9/125) Simplex Fiber Patch Cable FCAPC/FCAPC Connectors

FCAPC Singlemode (9/125) Simplex Fiber Patch Cable fiber is generally yellow, with a blue connector, and a longer transmission distance. LC/LC Connector design ,LSZH Jacket Cables are classified by the connectors on either end of the cable; some of the most common cable configurations include FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, and SC-ST.The connector’s inserted core cover conforms to APC, UPC, or PC configuration. A UPC inserted core cover is flat and is used in SARFT and early CATV. An APC connector’s inserted core cover is oblique (about 30 °, ±5 °).To reduce the back reflection of a connector,UPC polish. Industry standard is a minimum of–40 dB for PC back reflec-tion measurement and–50 dB for UPC back reflection measurement. If even less back reflection is required, an APC might be necessary. An APC connector has an 8ºangle cut into the ferrule. These connectors are identifiable by their green color. An APC polished connector has an Indus-try Standard Minimum of–60 dB measurement. APC fiber ends have low back reflection even when disconnected.

Product Specification (Parameter) of Singelmode Simplex Fiber Patch Cord FCAPC Connectors
Single mode
Insertion Loss
Return Loss
Test Wavelength
Durability(500 Matings)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Fire Resistant
IEC 60794-2-30
ROHS,IEC and GR-326
Fiber type
Single mode:
Fiber brand
YOFC, Corning
Connector type
Cord type
Simplex, Duplex, 4cores, 6cores, 12cores, 24cores...
Cable diameter
0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm....
Cable jacket
Product Application of FCAPC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Patch cables are used for connections to CATV (Cable Television), telecommunication networks, computer fiber networks and fiber test equipment. Applications include communication rooms, FTTH (Fiber to The Home), LAN (Local Area Network),FOS (fiber optic sensor), Fiber Optic Communication System, Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment, Defense combat readiness, etc.

  1. Gigabit Ethernet
  2. Computer fiber networks
  3. Fiber test equipment
  4. Communication rooms
  5. Fiber Optic Communication System
  6. Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment
  7. Defense combat readiness
  8. Active device termination
  9. Telecommunication networks
  10. Video and Multimedia
  11. Premise installations
  12. LAN(Local area networks)
  13. FTTH  (Fiber to The Home) and FTTX applications
  14. CATV (Cable Television)
  15. FOS (fiber optic sensor)

光纤跳线适用范围 英文版

Product Features of FCAPC Fiber Optic Patch Cords
·Low insertion loss ≤0.3dB;
·High return loss,Singlemode UPC≥55dB,APC≥65dB ;
·Good repeatability;
·Good interchange;
·Excellent environmental adaptability;
·Precise connector
·Excellent mechanical capability
·Fiber optic connector accord with ISO9001,ROHS,CE
Connector options include: Epoxy  
—— FC/APC —— FC/APC Temperature coefficient 120tg
Performance   Curing method Outgassed
Insertion Loss: <0.3dB typical(UPC) Residual epoxy Not specified
Return Loss: >55dB typical(UPC) Configuration Control  
             >65dB typical(APC) Data tracking IL and RL data printed on each cable
Geometry   Cable Type options include:
Radius of curvature     7-25mm Single mode(9/125) Options available
Apex offset             0-50um Simplex and Duplex cables available
Radial fiber height     -50 to +50nm —— Riser —— Plenum
Angular offset          <0.3degrees —— Low smoke/zero halogen —— Bend-insensitive
Fiber roughness         0-25nm Cable outer jacket diameter options include:
Ferrule roughness       0-50um —— 900um —— 1.6mm
Fiber core 0n㎡ —— 2.0mm —— 3.0mm

Company and Products advantages:

1.The material of Ceramic Ferrule: Zirconium quality stable and easy for polishing
2.Good supply capacity(20K-30K pieces connectors each day)
3.Fast delivery time(1-3days)
4.Complied to ISO9001 quality system
5.100% testing before shipment
6.3D passed testing with report for option
7.All kinds of connector for option(SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,MPO/MTP,ODC,ODLC,SMA9 and so on) 

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Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment terms: MoneyGram ,Western Union,L/C,TT
Shipping terms:By air, by sea,by express( DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS,EMS)

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