FC Fiber Optic Adapter Plates

10G-Link offers a variety of loaded fiber optic adapter plates that utilize the universal compatible design. Choose from many standard SC, LC, FC and ST connector options to customize a patch panel for your specific fiber network. All single mode fiber adapters use zirconia split sleeves for optimal performance and reliability whereas,  multimode adapters are available with phosphorous bronze split sleeves. Optional blank filler panels are available for securing the fiber area from front access when use of all slots of the fiber patch panel are not required. Adapter plates are available in both beige and black.



适配器条 图纸 插图


All metal construction

Black powder coat

Interchangeable for a wide range of products

easy to install with push pull pins

Screwed to prevent rattling of adapters

19英寸1U适配条 (1) 19英寸1U适配条 (2) 19英寸1U适配条 (3)