Cheapest Factory Mpo Optical Fiber Cable Simple Duplex Patch Cord – 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX Media Converter with one SFP slot – 10G-Link Fiber

SFP module fiber to ethernet media converter

This series converters are designed to meet the massive needs for Gigabit network deployment and able to extend a copper based Gigabit network via fiber cable to a maximum distance up to 80KM. This series converters are fully compliant with IEEE802.3z & 802.3ab standards. It can be installed into a Standard Converter Chassis. The installation & operation procedures are simple & straightforward. Operation status can be locally monitored through a set of Diagnostic LED located in the front panel.

1000Base-T to 1000BASE-SX/LX Converter 
Standard : IEEE 802.3z & 802.3ab 
Interface: 1 x RJ-45 connector / 1 x SFP Slot 
MDI/MDIX Auto-Crossover supported 
LED: Power , DUP,FP-LINK,RX,1000,TX 
Plug-and-Play installation
Support Jumbo Frame (64-9216 Byte) 
Support Voltage Monitor

Benefits of Ethernet to Fiber Optic Converters

  • Protects your investment in existing copper Ethernet-based hardware
  • Provides you with the flexibility to add fiber on a port-by-port basis
  • Enjoy the benefits of fiber without have to make wholesale changes
  • Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to multi-mode or single mode
  • Ethernet to fiber and fiber back to Ethernet links
  • Create copper-fiber connections with fiber switches


 * Extend your Ethernet connection up to 0~120km away using fiber optics
 * Creates an economical Ethernet-fiber/copper-fiber link for connecting remote sub-networks to larger fiber optic networks/backbone
 * Converts Ethernet to fiber, fiber to copper/Ethernet, ensuring optimum network scalability for connecting two or more Ethernet network nodes (e.g. connecting two buildings on the same campus)
 * Designed to provide high-speed bandwidth for demanding large scale work groups that require expansion of Gigabit Ethernet Network

System Design

1.For Networking


 2.For CCTV Surveillance Security

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Order Information

Part Number Description
TGL12SM-20 10/100M Dual Fiber, 1Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL12SM-20A/B 10/100M Single Fiber, 1Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL14SM-20 10/100M Dual Fiber, 1Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL14SM-20A/B 10/100M Single Fiber, 1Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL23SM-20 10/100M Dual Fiber, 2Fiber and 3RJ45 ports
TGL23SM-20A/B 10/100M Single Fiber, 2Fiber and 3RJ45 ports
TGL82SM-20 10/100M Dual Fiber, 8Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL82SM-20A/B 10/100M Single Fiber, 8Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL12GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 1Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL12GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 1Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL14GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 1Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL14GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 1Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL18GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 1Fiber and 8RJ45 ports
TGL18GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 1Fiber and 8RJ45 ports
TGL22GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 2Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL22GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 2Fiber and 2RJ45 ports
TGL24GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 2Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL24GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 2Fiber and 4RJ45 ports
TGL28GS-20 10/100/1000M Dual Fiber, 2Fiber and 8RJ45 ports
TGL28GS-20A/B 10/100/1000M Single Fiber, 2Fiber and 8RJ45 ports

Package list

•   Ethernet Switch
•   AC Power Cable
•   Install accessories
•   User manual
•   Warranty card